An emotionally damaged detective struggles with her past while in pursuit of a serial rapist.
There is major unrest in the city when a serial sex offender ravishes unsuspecting women at random, leaving virtually no evidence or any traces for police to trail. Detective SAVANNAH HUNTER is the lead detective on the case. Her brazen approach to police work leaves criminals unnerved and her superior’s on edge, however, she gets the job done. Providence is more than just a cop story. It dives deep into the emotional struggles that police officers often deal with in their personal lives while trying to protect and serve. Savannah has tons of emotional baggage, some of which clouds her judgment while working a high-profile case. Her more levelheaded partner, Detective DJANGO HOOKS, keeps her on a long leash, but often questions her antics in the field. All eyes are on the police department, but more importantly on Detective Hunter as she makes her way through the case in an attempt to catch a rapist and put the city at ease.

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